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My Practice

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Scheduling an Appointment:

All counseling services are offered by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled by calling 972.448.8797. When you call, I will be happy to discuss any general questions you might have. Appointments are offered at a variety of times Monday through Thursday.


Our sessions will be 50 minutes in length. The frequency of sessions will be discussed in the initial session of therapy. In general, the length of treatment varies depending on your goals. However, clients are encouraged to continue the process of growth toward their goals.


If you need to cancel an appointment, you must call at least 24 hours in advance. The normal fee will be charged for missed appointments, not given 24 hours notice, except in cases of extreme emergency.


The fee schedule is available by contacting Kelli Scott the Office Manager for CB Counseling at 972-448-8797.


All information between the counselor and client is considered confidential and records are carefully protected. The things we talk about in the sessions will not be disclosed to anyone except when I am required by law to inform the proper authorities or you authorize me to release information. Exceptions to confidentiality required by law are (1) a client presents a physical danger to self or others; (2) child abuse or elder abuse is suspected; (3) the therapist is ordered by the court to release information.

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